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ATEC302 TEC Temperature Controller


  • Bi-directional Temperature Control for Thermoelectric applications
  • 4 Temperature zone P, PI, PD, PID, Auto Tuning, Open-Loop Control
  • High speed ADC, Wide range T/C, RTD, Thermistor Input Selectable
  • DC Power Supply: 9~36V or 5V DC
  • 2 Programmable alarm Output
  • RS232, RS485 and USB Communication with easy to use software GUI
  • Complex program script for sophisticated temperature profile control
  • IP-65 Splash proof front panel

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 N: None
 C2: RS232 communication card

 C4: RS485 communication card

 N: None
 BM: URC-1020-BM Serial to USB Interface Cable
 BF: URC-1020-BF Panel mount USB Interface Cable

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 CS: Custom System

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Introducing the new generation Accuthermo ATEC302 Smart Temperature Controller, an innovative new thermal control platform for precision temperature applications. After 2 years of development for an advanced lab of a special task, we can now offer this model to the general market. Designed specifically for thermoelectric temperature control, the ATEC302 controller incorporates features like PWM, bi-directional power, 4 temperature-zone auto-tune PID, broad sensor support, and an RS232, RS485 or USB interface for managing the controller using a computer. And for configuration flexibility, the ATEC302 and a matching Accuthermo FTX-series H-bridge amplifier are designed as a component solution; simply add the power supply and sensor to match your application requirements and you’re ready to start working with your thermoelectric modules.

Cost-effective Precision Temperature Control for TE Module Applications

Optimized for controlling thermoelectric modules, the ATEC302 controller incorporates features like Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for efficient module control without using expensive power supply solutions. With a duty cycle of 0.0 to 100.0%, the FTC100 controller’s PWM function offers 1000 levels of precision voltage control. The controller also supports bi-directional temperature control, enabling it to maintain temperature very precisely by using both voltage directions.

Ideal Lab Testbench Platform

The ATEC302 controller offers an ideal solution for TE-based thermal design and laboratory testbench applications. With its panel control interface, users can monitor thermal system status and make adjustments to the controller without the need for an attached computer. And since the ATEC302 also offers an RS232, RS485 and USB interface and Accuthermo’s easy to use ATEC302 Control Center GUI Software, users have the flexibility to write multi-step controller scripts, set parameters, and plot system performance using an attached computer. The ATEC302 incorporates Set-it-and-Forget-it script support, so once you can load your script and then run it with no computer attached. The RS232, RS485 and USB interface also serves as a platform for users to develop customized temperature control software for their application.
Supports a Variety of Temperature Sensors
While many temperature controllers limit users to one or two sensor types, the ATEC302 is designed to provide maximum flexibility for a variety of thermal control applications. The ATEC302 controller offers broad support for a wide variety of temperature sensors including thermocouples, RTDs and thermistor inputs.

Overview of Thermal Management System Using Accuthermo’s ATEC302

The ATEC302 is designed for flexible integration into your thermal management system. By matching the components to your unique thermal problem, you can optimize your thermal system performance.


  • Modes: Up to Four Temperature Zone P, PI, PD, PID, Autotune, Open-loop Control


  • PWM 1KHz, duty cycle resolution=1000 steps
  • Hot / Cold direction (logic 0/1)


  • Thermocouple: J, K, T
  • RTD: PT100 (DIN) α=3850
  • Thermistor: 2252 ohm β=3977 or 10K ohm


  • 0.1°C

Sampling Rate

  • 10 Hz

External Control / Communication

  • RS232 or RS485 serial protocol (N-8-2) provides capability of one PC controls multiple ATEC302 units
  • USB cable Interface (not RS232)
  • CRC protocol correction build in for error free communication


  • 2 Programmable alarms


  • Rated Voltage: DC 9 – 36V(default) or Regulated 5Vdc (jumper select)
  • Ambient Temperature: 0 – 50°C
  • Ambient Humidity: 0 – 90% RH (non-condense condition)
  • Power Consumption: less than 4W
  • IP-65 Panel (front panel splash proof)
  • Easy panel-chassis locking mechanism design


  • W2.83 inch x 2.83 inch x 3.15 inch (W72 mm x H72 mm x L80 mm)

ATEC302 Control Center Software

One More Reason to Select Accuthermo’s ATEC302 Temperature Controller — Easy-to-Use Software

While some temperature control applications may only require very simple control (such as holding the temperature at a target set point), many Accuthermo customers need their thermoelectric modules to perform multiple functions, following scripts, dynamically changing temperature and following a thermal cycling program.

Whether you need an easy-to-operate system, or advanced scripting tools, the ATEC302 Control Center software is an excellent solution for you. For ease of use, the graphic interface makes operating the controller a snap. At the same time, the advanced scripting capabilities make the ATEC302 a strong fit for labs, research facilities and product development environments.


Access Most ATEC302 Controller Settings Using One Convenient Window

  • Simplifies Controller Management with Easy-to-Operate Graphic User Interface
  • Provides Access to Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Save Controller Parameters
  • Access Stored Parameters
  • Log Controller Data


Log and Plot Temperature Operations

  • Visually interpret thermal data
  • Log Controller Data


Access Advanced Scripting Capabilities

  • Set multiple target temperatures and program steps for advanced applications like thermal cycling
  • Save and load script parameters from stored files on your disk drive
  • Multiple jumps and loops function for complex testing profile

Accuthermo’s ATEC302 Control Center software operates on Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/7 (all 32bits OS).

Accuthermo’s FTX-Series of H-Bridge Amplifiers for use with FTC-Series Controllers

Accuthermo’s FTC-Series of controllers are designed to be used with a matching Accuthermo FTX-series H-Bridge amplifier. Accuthermo offers H-Bridge amplifiers matched to three different voltage output levels, offering flexibility for a variety of application requirements:


Accuthermo’s FTX700D H-bridge amplifier

The FTX700D is Accuthermo’s highly efficient H-bridge amplifier for medium to high voltage thermal control applications. The FTX700D supports output requirements up to 700 Watts and can meet demanding power requirements without generating significant amounts of heat. The FTX700D is capable of driving bi-directional voltage to thermoelectric modules for cooling, heating, thermal cycling, and precision temperature control.



Accuthermo’s FTX300 H-bridge amplifier 

The FTX300 H-Bridge Amplifier is Accuthermo’s highly efficient H-bridge amplifier for mid-range voltage temperature control applications. The FTX300 supports output requirements up to 180 Watts and is capable of driving bi-directional voltage to thermoelectric modules for cooling, heating, thermal cycling, and precision temperature control.



Accuthermo’s FTX100 H-bridge amplifier 

The FTX100 H-Bridge Amplifier is Accuthermo’s highly efficient H-bridge amplifier for low-voltage-range temperature control applications. The FTX100 supports output requirements up to 42 Watts and is capable of driving bi-directional voltage to thermoelectric modules for cooling, heating, thermal cycling, and precision temperature control





Power Require

DC  9 ~ 36V or fixed 5Vdc

Universal AC

Power consumption

Less than 4w

Less than 5w

Thermistor sensor type

2252 and 10K ohm

2252 ohm

Thermistor Sensor range

2252 ohm: -30~150 C
10k    ohm: -10~150 C

2252 ohm: -50~150 C
10k    ohm: n/a

RTD sensor range

-70~200 C

-70~200 C

T/C (J,K,T) sensor range

-70~200 C

-70~200 C

Sensor H/W setting

Dip Switch


Communication Protocol

RS232 or RS485 N-8-2 up to 19.2K baud

RS232 N-8-1 up to 38.4K baud

USB Interface

YES, with USB interface cable

N/A, need RS232 to USB convt

CRC16 correction

YES, preventing error in communication


ADC circuit

16-bits semiconductor ADC
Better linearity

Passive devices ADC

ADC sampling rate




4 temperature-zone PID

Single point PID

Programmable Script

8 steps w/ complex loop

8 steps w/ simple loop

Panel casing

IP-65 front panel splash proof

IP-60 Front dust proof

Panel-Chassis locking

Easy snap locking

Screw locking

Alarm Function

Programmable alarm

Hi/Lo alarm

Front Keypad disable

Can be disable through s/w


Front LED indicator

8 status display

4 status display

Overall Performance




Referance Manual v1-6

TE Software Manual v1.0

TE System Installation Guide v1.3




USB Driver

ATEC GUI program v120

Communication and Sensor Setting



Prog Example

LabView vi example  




URC-1020-BM Serial to USB Interface Cable

URC-1020-BF Panel mount USB Interface Cable



This specification defines ratings, dimension, insulation, climatic tests and mechanical characteristics for the 2.252 KΩ type thermistor.



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